Our History

Rev.Peter Kawageme - Executive Director

Rev.Peter Kawageme - Executive Director

Genesis of PRO
Peace Relief Organization (PRO) is a Non-Governmental Organization, PRO was officially registered in 2011 as a Non-Governmental Organization with registration certificate 00NGO/00004425 under ACT, No. 24 of 2002.

Where it operates in Tanzania mainland, the head office is in Sumbawanga Municipal-Rukwa Region PRO aims at building a stable society of Tanzanians in rural and urban areas especially the most vulnerable communities by addressing issues which affect Tanzanian local people in engaging on different programs such as GBV Women, Children protection, food security and nutrition, Youth related issues, health, education, Economic empowerment issues, Climate change and Good Governance.

PRO has worked to put the lessons gained from pioneer countries into effective and innovative strategies to address the many challenges which face Tanzanian.

These strategies have begun to create a map for working with the marginalized groups especially women and Children.

PRO has proven there is a significant need for working with the vulnerable groups in the community working with Local Government Authority.

PRO has been investing all efforts on serving marginalized communities.