Management Team (MT) is charged with the responsibility to design and implement programs, projects, plans and activities for the organization. This includes also monitoring and evaluation of the programmers and plans.

In order to do this, the team is required to engage in resource mobilization from various credible sources. Moreover, the MT is mandated to develop and maintain human and other resources for furtherance of the organization’s vision, mission and objectives, and staff led by the Executive Director, Rev.Peter Kawageme.

The Executive Director is subject to the Board, and is the one who reports to the Board the matters concerning governance; also the Executive Director is the one who maintains the good relationship with Development Partners. The Executive Director also directs all staff and PRO’s objectives and activities are tallying with Vision and Mission of the Organization as set by the Board of Directors

Rev. Peter Kawageme

Mrs. Magreth Tryphord

Mr. Petro Milambo