PRO’s board of directors is comprised of seven (7) members,the secretary to the Board is also the Executive Director(ED) of the Organization, and is the one who supervise the entire organization and all Staffs.

The main functions of the of the BD are provided include:

  Determination of the organization’s mission

  Ensuring effective planning and implementation of the program

  Advising the management on fundraising strategies

  Ensuring presence of proper policies and sound financial systems

  Recruitment of the Executive Director of the organization

  Ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.

Mrs. Eva Manimba


Rev.Peter Kawageme

Secretary to the Board

Mr. Pelicius Kalikule

Mrs. Kudeha Peter

Mrs. Monica Kalipesa

Dr.Ambilike Mshani

Mrs. Mary Kamwaka

Dr. Steven Maufi